Tuesday, March 7, 2017


We aren't confronted with it. It is easy to ignore, to turn away. With a click of the remote or turn of the dial we can step away from the images and sounds of the suffering.  We can flip over to happier things - how to remodel our kitchens or who is winning the game. Our feet aren't cemented in the dry ground where bullets fly and bombs drop. Our eyes aren't locked on the tormented face of the wrecked father carrying his only surviving child through the demolished streets of an abandoned city.

It is not our reality so it is not our problem.

"We have to take care of our own before we take care of other people," said Jesus never. The problem with that argument is we click away from our own as well.

Especially in this season, I am thankful for the story of the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan didn't check the victim for his papers. He did not ask him for proof of his citizenship before kneeling to tend to his wounds. He didn't shake his fist at the sky and yell "How dare I have to use MY tax dollars to pay for this man's medical care!"

I look for Light. I find it under a bridge where a couple serve hot soup on a cold day to the homeless. I find it in the man who day by day looks for ways to find employment for veterans, who walk the streets with a shadow of themselves (part of them is still lying on the battlefield thousands of miles away).  I find it in my friends who come alongside of refugees, as they try to navigate a completely different culture in a country they are not sure still welcomes them.

The pull to disengage is strong because reality is overwhelming, messy and uncomfortable. How did Jesus do this thing called "life in a broken world"? He remained entrenched - to the point of death. To the point of life.

He never vilified the vulnerable.

He never told us to fear them.

He sought them out and planted his feet in their path.

May I go and do likewise.


J.D. Grubb said...

Awesome reminder. Thank you, Marcie.

Mom said...

I love this Marc. I love your thoughts and your ability to communicate...I'm so very proud of you!!!